It all started with a case of sixteen-ounce mason jars to replace some broken drinking glasses.

I don’t know what happened over the years, but my drinking glass cupboard was in disarray. Actually, my whole kitchen is a mess with mismatched plates and shelves full of random plastic kids cups, if I’m honest. I just longed for some consistency in my glassware.

That’s when I noticed this case of sixteen-ounce Mason jars on sale at my local grocery store.

“Why not?” I thought they could work to replace all our glasses. And since they come with tops, I can make chocolate milk and such for the kids. This could be great!

That day, much to my family’s dismay, I replaced all our drinking glasses with Mason jars. They needed more time to adjust, but I immediately fell in love.

These little glasses became my new favorite kitchen tool. Sure, I used them as drinking glasses, but soon, I found myself making salad dressing, protein shakes, and even cocktails with them.

Before I knew it, I was back at the store exploring the whole Mason jar aisle. That’s when I decided to add the quart size jars along with easier to use lids.

Obsessed is a strong word, but yes, I was becoming obsessed.

I loved that they have so many uses, from storage to serving, even measuring. I found myself having more fun than you should with glass jars.

Why JarMadeRecipes?

After a year or two of using my Mason jars, I decided to launch a blog to share my ideas. I love posting recipes online, so why not create an outlet to inspire and share my new Mason jar obsession.

Aren’t Mason Jars for Canning?

Traditionally, yes, but I’m not a canner. (Is that a word?) Actually, that’s something I hope to learn more about and explore on the blog, but I find Mason Jars to have a whole host of uses beyond canning, and that’s what I love about them.

If you want to learn more about the history of Mason Jars, check out this piece in the Smithsonian Magazine.

Mason Jars are so {Insert Insult Here}

Yea, yea, we’ve read all the opinion pieces about how Mason jars are for hipsters and people love to roast those that use them for water bottles. (Side note, I sip water from a quart-size daily.) Some people just want them to go away.

We don’t care.

We love Mason jars.